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Autism Evaluations

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that impacts the way an individual communicates and interacts socially. Individuals with autism also show repetitive behaviors, intense and focused interests, rigid adherence to specific routines, difficulty with transitions, differences in play, and/or differences in the way they respond to sensory experiences. Children can be diagnosed at-risk for autism spectrum disorder as early as 18 months. Whatever the age of you/your child, my goal is to support you in this journey by providing you a comprehensive, evidence-based assessment in order to provide you with the answers you are seeking.

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At Spectrum, an autism evaluation always includes direct testing with you/your child through interviewing and/or play-based interactions. The evaluation may also include the following components:

  • A diagnostic interview (ADI-R) with the parent/caregiver that includes developmental history and current concerns

  • A clinical interview (MIGDAS-2) with the individual being tested 

  • Intelligence testing or cognitive screener

  • Direct testing of social perception/executive functioning

  • Social/behavioral testing using the ADOS-2, a play and interview-based assessment

  • Social, emotional, and behavioral questionnaires completed by caregivers, spouse, teachers, etc. 

  • Adaptive behavior interviews with parents, spouse, teachers, etc.

  • Interviews/consultation with teachers and other service providers as needed

  • School observation (when applicable)

  • A comprehensive written report 

  • An interactive feedback session with families to review the results & recommendations

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